Solar physics

Standards Add

FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Edit

FITS is an image data file format for encoding astronomical data. The WCS (World Coordinate System) conventions map elements in data arrays to standard physical coordinates in the sky. FITS has provisions for image metadata encoded in an ASCII header at the beginning of files.

Open Standard for Particle-Mesh Data (openPMD) Edit

The openPMD standard provides naming and attribute conventions that allow the exchange of particle and mesh based data from scientific simulations and experiments. The primary goal is to define a minimal set/kernel of meta information that enables the sharing and exchange of data to achieve.

  • portability between various applications and differing algorithms;
  • a unified open-access description for scientific data (publishing and archiving);
  • a unified description for post-processing, visualization and analysis.

The standard suits any kind of hierarchical, self-describing data format, such as, but not limited to ADIOS1 (BP3), ADIOS2 (BP4), HDF5, JSON, and XML.

SPASE Data Model Edit

An information model for describing the elements of the heliophysics data environment, and a set of resource types which can be used to describe data along with its scientific context, source, provenance, content and location. It is designed to support a federated data system where data may reside at different locations and may be seperated from the metadata which describes it. The preferred expression form is XML.

The Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) effort is implemented by the SPASE Consortium which is composed of representatives of the international Heliophysics data community. The Current Release of the data model (2.2.2) was updated in October 2012.

Extensions Add

FITS World Coordinate System (WCS) Edit

An extension of FITS that enables data to be defined to specify physical, or world coordinates within each pixel in an image. The conventions were orignally proposed in 2002 then incorporated into the 3.0 release of the FITS standard.

IMPEx Data Model Edit

A simulation extention to the SPASE data model.

Tools Add

FITS Image Software Packages Edit
SPASE Metadata Editor Edit

A web-based editor for generating SPASE descriptions.

SPASE Tools Edit

The SPASE website's list of tools for working with SPASE metadata and the SPASE framework.

Use Cases Add

IVOA (International Virtual Observatory Alliance) Edit

The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) is an organisation that debates and agrees to technical standards that are needed to make the Virtual Observatory possible. FITS is one of those standards.

NSSDC SPASE Registry Edit

The National Space Science Data Center's registry of SPASE-described space science mission data.

SPASE Inside Edit

The SPASE website's list of systems that use SPASE compliant metadata to enable search services.

STEREO Science Center Edit

Archive for STEREO telemetry, mission support data, and higher level instrument data and analysis software.

Virtual Solar Observatory Edit