Tools are usually software applications designed and built to create, update, and maintain research data using a particular metadata standard.

Tool Template

title: Full name of the tool
slug: file-name-without-extension
website: URL of a website supporting the tool
description: |
  <p>A sentence or two describing the tool and how it relates to the standard.
  Use HTML tags to format the text if needed.</p>
  # One or more of the following:
  - arts-and-humanities
  - engineering
  - general
  - life-sciences
  - physical-sciences-and-mathematics
  - social-and-behavioral-sciences
  # From HESA JACS Codes:
  # See the subjects folder for terms already in use. Examples:
  - materials-science
  - creative-art-and-design
  - health-policy
  # (File) name of related standard(s)
  - file-name-without-extension
  - other-file-name-without-extension
# The following are constants: do not modify
type: tool
layout: tool


  1. Copy template:
  2. Goto GitHub: Add a new file
    1. This will fork a copy of the site's repository and allow you to edit a page.
  3. Paste in your boilerplate and edit away!
  4. Commit and then submit a pull request