Environmental Science

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MIBBI (Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations) Edit

A common portal to a group of nearly 40 checklists of Minimum Information for various biological disciplines. The MIBBI Foundry is developing a cross-analysis of these guidelines to create an intercompatible, extensible community of standards.

The concept was realized initially through the joint efforts of the Proteomics Standards Initiative, the Genomic Standards Consortium and the MGED RSBI Working Groups. The latest project to register with MIBBI is the MIABie guidelines for reporting biofilm research, as of January 2012.

Repository-Developed Metadata Schemas Edit

Some repositories have decided that current standards do not fit their metadata needs, and so have created their own requirements.

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EDMED Metadata Profile Edit

The European Directory of Marine Environmental Datasets metadata scheme, which is a profile of ISO 19115.

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Earth System Grid Edit

A gateway providing a discovery service for climate data held at repositories across the globe. It supports use of the Metafor CIM.

KomFor Data Portal Edit

KOMFOR provides access to data in the earth and environmental sciences with special emphasis on geological disciplines The minimum set of metadata elements in KomFor is determined by the DataCite metadata schema.