Agricultural Economics

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AgMES (Agricultural Metadata Element Set) Edit

A semantic standard developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, AgMES enables description, resource discovery, interoperability and data exchange of different types of information resources in all areas relevant to food production, nutrition and rural development.

Sponsored by the UN AIMS - Agricultural Information Managment Standards, the current standard was issued in November 2010.

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AGRIS Application Profile Edit

A metadata standard drawing on Dublin Core and AgMES created specifically to enhance the description, exchange and subsequent retrieval of agricultural Document-Like Information Objects.

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AgriMetamaker Edit

A service to facilitate the publication of metadata in the AGRIS Repository; it conforms to the the AGRIS Application Profile, which draws from the Dublin Core and AgMES standards.

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AGRIS - International System for Agricultural Science and Technology Edit

A global public domain database using the AgMES standard to describe structured bibliographical records on agricultural science and technology.